Craft & Commerce and Amanda AI partner to bring AI-driven search advertising to the U.S.

Union Already Yielded Game-Changing Results for Clients Across Sectors

Craft & Commerce (C&C), a paid media agency in the U.S., has announced a partnership with Amanda AI, an Automation as a Service (AAAS) company based in Stockholm, Sweden to power C&C’s paid advertising across Google & Bing platforms, enhancing the agency’s decades of experience in integrated media strategy and implementation.

As an exclusive distribution partner of the technology, C&C is redefining foundational components of performance marketing for the agency’s partners across sectors, namely via paid search (SEM), where AI is capable of powering thousands of tactical optimizations daily and ingesting data and learning from patterns at massive scale—thereby freeing the agency’s resources to invest in strategic growth opportunities.

Early implementation of the AI across C&C partners’ campaigns has resulted in increased engagement and reduced cost per acquisition, amounting to an average 40% lift in search performance.

“Our team has trained extensively on the technology, seamlessly connecting AI search into our partners’ larger strategic marketing mix, and the results have been outstanding,” said C&C Co-founder & Principal Jordan Ruden. “The partnership with Amanda AI is consistent with our commitment to bring leading-edge technology to bear in helping our partners achieve better results through paid media.”

Amanda AI’s proprietary algorithms power rigorous experimentation, pattern-recognition, and data-driven decision making at a scale that is orders of magnitude beyond what was previously possible. Unlike platform-level, all Amanda AI changes are fully transparent and subject to human direction.

“Our dedication to innovation and market-leading technology make us a reliable partner for marketers worldwide. We look forward to continuing our growth journey with Craft & Commerce and delivering even more impressive results,” said Göran Palm, CEO of Amanda AI.

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About Craft & Commerce

Craft & Commerce is an integrated media agency, purpose-built to serve as a nimble, strategic partner to marketing teams in navigating our rapidly evolving media landscape. The agency’s experts combine leading-edge performance marketing capabilities with a holistic view of channels to bring clarity to measurement and attribution across the funnel, and deliver scalable, ad-driven growth for the world’s leading brands. To learn more about C&C’s AI-enabled search offering, contact the agency at

About Amanda AI

Amanda AI is a fully automated digital advertising service that helps marketing teams to create, budget, and optimize their ads on Google, Meta, and Bing. With unique algorithms, Amanda AI’s robot streamlines and optimizes millions of digital ads daily for over 400 clients in over 90 languages. For more information, visit